Age Criteria for Toddler’s Program


Programme Age Group (as on 30th September )
Pre Nursery 2 Years
Nursery 3 Years
KG-I 4 Years
KG-II 5 Years

Approach to curriculum

Education is a partnership between home and school with the child at the centre. The kindergarten curriculum is based on the predictable sequences of growth and development of children .

The kindergarten atmosphere is a warm , safe and stimulating child centered zone, where the focus is on the development of the gross motor and fine motor skills, and development of the sensory organs. The child is given adequate opportunities to explore and marvel the world around him through colours, phonetics, numbers and games.

Story telling through puppets, dramatization and interactive white board forms an integral part of the kindergarten curriculum.

Concepts like fruits, transport, vegetables, cleanliness, healthy and junk food, flowers, animals, birds etc are taken up to develop their knowledge and arouse their curiosity.

Parents can admit their child in our school without undergoing the taxation of an Interview or Test of the child

Teacher -Student Ratio :

Our teacher student ratio  of 1 :15 , and the support of para professionals under the supervision of a teacher makes it easy to meet the learning and biological needs.

Activities :

Sancheti Toddlers believe that the learning process needs to include activities to develop the overall personality of the child. Our co-curriculum is enriched with

  • Outdoor Play
  • Art-Play
  • Sand-Play
  • Water Play
  • Puppet Theatre
  • Story Telling sessions
  • Field Trips
  • Role Play
  • Music and Movement
  • Quality Circle Time
  • Special Days Celebration
  • Creative Games
  • Library